It's what our customers say that is important.

A third-party survey company regularly checks with our customers to be sure that we are providing the best service we can. Here are some findings from the latest survey:

  • 91% would recommend us to family and friends
  • 92% plan to renew their specialty insurance policy
  • The renewal numbers jump to 99% for collector car policyholders, and 97% for customers with our boat policy

Putting in a good word - a few customer testimonials

When my air conditioner broke, I got $900 so I could replace the unit, thanks to the Breakdown Endorsement coverage that's on my policy. Without this coverage, I would have had to pay for it all myself. Your company made it easy, too – I filed the claim, and received my money quickly. I was really glad I had the coverage, and have been happy with the service I have received.

- Roderick A, Gulfport, Mississippi

I recently had my Honda Accord window smashed in and a great many of my CDs stolen. I called and filed a claim – expecting the entire process to be a hassle. Well, not only did I receive prompt payment for the stolen property, I also received exceptional service and care, which truly made a bad situation so much better for me and my family. I would recommend this insurance to anyone!

- Ronda M, Upland, California

I was with Hagerty for 12 years before I got another quote for kicks and realized I could save money while receiving the same coverage. Changing providers has saved me $85 per car per year on my two Corvettes.

- Jim D, Avon, Indiana

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciated your helpfulness and sincerity in handling my claim in the Oakridge fire . . . . My claims adjuster was very helpful and compassionate in handling my claim and was always available to answer the many questions presented by me at this tragic time.

- Mary Jean P, Granada Hill, California

Financial Services Insurance is ready, willing, and able to make you a satisfied customer just like the ones listed above. Call us today to find out what true customer service is all about!

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