MOBILE HOME Insurance: Included Coverage

What's Included?

Comprehensive protection

Your policy covers any cause of loss (fire, lighting, wind, hail, explosion, burst water pipes, and so on) unless that cause is specifically excluded in the policy documents. This kind of coverage is sometimes referred to as "special form" coverage.


Stated value loss settlement

For a total loss, we settle at the state value of your home which is listed on your policy. There is no depreciation deduction. For a partial loss, we pay the actual cash value of the loss, but you can upgrade that to a replacement cost valuation.


Personal property

Your belongings are protected on an actual cash value basis, but you can upgrade the policy to a replacement cost valuation.


Personal liability

If someone is injured in your home, or if you accidentally injure someone or damage property away from your home, you may be liable.


Additional living expenses

If a covered peril causes sufficient damage that you need to move out, we cover the extra living expenses until repairs are complete or you find a new home.

Additional mobile home coverage


  • Reasonable expenses for emergency repairs, such as covering a roof after a storm
  • Other structures, such as your shed, detached garage and fence
  • Emergency removal
  • Collapse
  • Fire department service charge
  • Antenna or satellite dish
  • Trees, shrubs, lawn
  • Food spoilage

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