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Breakdown protection expands your mobile home coverage

Today's homes include expensive appliances and integrated technology systems. The unexpected repair or replacement expense can be a real financial blow. Unfortunately, a typical insurance policy excludes failure due to mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Financial Services Insurance Breakdown Protection coverage fills that gap, covering the sudden and accidental breakdown of electrical and mechanical systems, those built into the home and others purchased later:

  • Central heating and A/C
  • Large appliances
  • Well or sump pump
  • TV and electronics
  • Electrical panel
  • Computer


What are the benefits?

More losses are covered

A typical insurance policy does not cover mechanical or electrical breakdown. This endorsement fills in that policy gap, and eliminates the need for a separate warranty.

It's simple

With one company insuring both the home structure and the equipment covered by the endorsement, claim filing is easier.

Cost is very low

The cost of the endorsement is far lower than a separate home warranty or service contract.

Extra protection

If covered repairs force your family to temporarily relocate, the policy provides extra expense benefits. Food spoilage and pollutant cleanup are included, too.

Other Options

Builder's risk

Essential for homes just bought from a dealer, and required by some lenders, this endorsement protects your home during the time between loan closing and occupancy.



This hard-to-find coverage is available in nearly all states.


Identity theft recovery

Identity theft is a growing problem with real harm being done to a person's credit report. This special option provides professional assistance and up to $15,000 in expense reimbursement.

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